The Health GeoLab Hub has the privilege of being a partner of the following organizations (by alphabetical order):

  Esri has been a key partner since the launching of the AeHIN GIS Lab back in 2016. They have supported the thinking that led to the establishment of the different instances of the Lab as well as initiatives such as Esri’s Health and Human Services Grant Program that offers eligible Ministries of Health 2 years of free access to their technology and ongoing discounted software for sustainability. In its current form, the partnership between Esri and the Health GeoLab Hub is looking at filling currently existing technology and skill gaps and the possibility to restart the organization of a regional event for the Asia-Pacific region.
The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has confirmed the critical importance for the population to have equitable access to quality and reliable diagnostic services. FIND is collaborating with the Health GeoLab to identify scalable GIS-based solutions that could help countries improve such access