WHO WE ARE                                                                                                               
The Health GeoLab Hub was established in the MORU Epidemiology Department as a regional resource supporting countries in Asia and the Pacific with the geo-enablement of their Health Information Systems (HIS).
Through the assistance being provided by the Health GeoLab Hub, the health sector benefits from a more effective management and use of geospatial data and technologies to support geographically based decision-making across health programs and employs a more systemic approach to solving public health problems and therefore achieving the health SDG.


WHAT WE DO                                                                                                            
The Health GeoLab Hub is focusing its activities on the following three main areas of work: 1. In-country research, technical assistance and M&E; 2. Engagement, knowledge sharing, and transfer; 3. Training and capacity development.


HOW WE WORK                                                                                                          
The Health GeoLab implements projects and/or conducts activities aligned with the HIS geo-enabling framework.
The HIS geo-enabling framework is composed of nine (9) elements that need to be in place for a Health Information System (HIS) to be considered as geo-enabled.


WHERE WE WORK                                                                                                
The Health Geolab Hub is concentrating its efforts on 32 low- and middle-income countries in Asia  and the Pacific.