In line with the original AeHIN GIS Lab spirit, the Health GeoLab Collaborative is conducting workshops and trainings as a way to share experience, expertise and knowledge across the region as well as train partners on  HIS geo-enabling related topics.



Here are the list of workshops and meetings organized since the launching of the AeHIN GIS Lab: 

  • The first workshop organized by the AeHIN GIS Lab, in collaboration with Esri, took place during the 4th AeHIN General Meeting in Bali, Indonesia (29-30 October 2015). Under the theme “GIS in support to Universal Health Coverage (UHC)”, this workshop grouped 32 participants from 17 countries in the region and beyond. The agenda, list of participants and the slides presented during this workshop can be downloaded from here.
  • The second AeHIN GIS Lab workshop took place prior to the 2017 Digital Health Conference in Naypyitaw, Myanmar (7 March 2017). Under the them “GIS Country level experiences, challenges and needs” this workshop grouped 40 participants from 14 countries with the objective to share knowledge, learn from other as well as discuss GIS country level experiences, challenges, needs and way forward. The executive summary together with the slides presented during the workshop and the result of the quick HIS geo-enabling assessment survey conducted prior to the workshop can be downloaded from here.
  • The AeHIN GIS Lab, in collaboration with InSTEDD and with the support of ADB, organized a workshop on June 12-13 2017 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to define the workflows, requirements and rules any platform should comply to in order to effectively and simultaneously host, maintain, update and openly share master lists for the geographic objects core to public health (health facilities, communities/settlements, administrative and reporting divisions). The executive summary for this workshop can be downloaded from here.



The Health GeoLab also had the possibility to contribute to different trainings conducted in the region. The following training materials have kindly been made available by the corresponding organizers: 

  • The GIS Training Workshop for MOH staff was held on 29-31 May 2018 in Hanoi, Vietnam through the collaboration of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, Esri Vietnam, and Health GeoLab Collaborative to strengthen the management and use of geospatial data and technologies within the Ministry of Health of Vietnam. The agenda and training materials used can be downloaded from here.
  • The Capacity Building on the Use of Geospatial Data and Technologies for Immunization Planning and Health System Strengthening was held in Naypyitaw, Myanmar on 12-16 March 2018. This training workshop was made possible through the collaboration of the Ministry of Health and Sports (MOHS) of Myanmar, World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), Gavi, Asian Development Bank (ADB), and Health GeoLab Collaborative (HGLC). The agenda and training materials used can be downloaded from here.